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Tips to Get Your Vacant Land Ready To Sell

Most land owners don’t realize there are things they can do to enhance their property so it attracts buyers and sells quickly.  Part of getting your land ready to sell is gathering and giving your listing agent as much information on the parcel as you can find.  An agent who has all the info about a property will be able to assist buyers quickly and get it sold!

Try to gather the following info before meeting with your agent:

  • Survey maps, or other maps of your property
  • If your land is enrolled in any government programs (conservatory, mfl, etc) – dig up the paperwork!
  • History of your parcel which may disclose potential issues, such as previous dump site, apple orchard, etc.
  • Any structures, fencing, or power or pipe lines on your land? Tell your agent about them.
  • Previous title insurance or title paperwork
  • Info on any easements, encroachments, shared driveways, road maintenance agreements, covenants, etc.
  • If waterfront-info on any shoreline or wetland mitigation programs you are subject to
  • Services on your parcel? – provide info on any utilities, well or septic systems available on or to your parcel.

Make your property accessible to buyers:

Mark your property boundaries or corners.  One of the biggest complaints from potential land buyers is that they can’t figure out where the property begins and ends.   If you don’t know where your corners or lot lines are, hire a surveyor or a forester to locate and mark them.  There are a variety of flagging materials available at your local hardware or farm supply store so you can mark your own lot if you know where the boundaries are.

Can a buyer see your property?  Very few buyers will buy land just by looking at it from the road, and if yours is an absolute jungle, some buyers won’t try to venture into it, especially during high-tick seasons.  Walking paths, ATV trails, driveways, or logging roads will help your buyers actually see the land.  If you have access routes or paths already – keep them cleaned up and passable.  If you don’t have any – consider putting some in.  Being able to get in and see a parcel really helps sell it!

If selling waterfront property, a clear path to the shoreline is critical to entice buyers.  Some buyers will pass up a property if they can’t get to the shoreline to see it.

Entry.  If you have to go thru a gate to reach your property, make sure the gate is maintained and easy to open or close.  If your gate is kept locked, make a key copy to give to your listing agent.

Today’s competitive real estate market has buyers that really scrutinize each property that interests them-they do their homework and want as much information about a parcel that they can get before making a purchase decision.  Pricing it right, making sure your listing agent has all the info he or she needs to immediately answer buyers’ questions, plus making sure your property is accessible, will give you the best opportunity to get your parcel sold! 

Need help selling your parcel?  Give me a call today – I’d love to help you out!    Cathy